Metro-North Training Completed
By CFD Staff Reporters
March 30, 2013

Starting on Thursday evening, members of the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department began an eight hour training program given by Metro-North Railroad's Fire & Safety Unit. This training, done annually over the past few years, offers members a chance to review the different hazards associated with Metro-North's rail system, trains, equipment and the facilities located at the Croton-Harmon Yards.

On Saturday morning, members met in the south end of the Croton-Harmon Yards for a briefing of the day's agenda. While doing so, the pagers sounded for the report of smoke coming from an unoccupied home on Beekman Avenue. Car 2081, Engine 119 and Rescue 18 left the drill, joining the remainder of CFD units on the investigation. Fortunately, the "smoke" the caller saw was only steam from a vent pipe, so personnel were able to return to the training at hand.

During the four hour tour of the campus, members got the chance to see first-hand several different types of trains, the facilities they're repaired in, special hazards specific to this facility and an overview of fire suppression systems in the various buildings and other target areas.

The Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department extends our appreciation to Chief Joe Streany, Assistant Chief Bob Stinson and Captain Ken Korzeniowski of the Metro-North Fire & Safety Division for providing us with this continuing and invaluable training.

Units: 2081, E119, E120, TL44, T10, R18
Mutual Aid: 2641, 2643, 2644