Over 100 Members & Guests Attend Annual Inspection
By Chief John Munson
September 16, 2023

This past Saturday the weather was beautiful, the apparatus were shining bright and about 120 members, families, friends and guests ascended upon our Harmon Firehouse for the annual Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department's Inspection.

The annual Inspection is a chance for our village officials to see their volunteer fire department's apparatus, equipment and personnel and an oppurtunity for us to show off all of our assets we proudly maintain to all of our guests.

During Inspection, since we take no days off, our members helped remove a gold ring from a walk-in citizen's finger that had been stuck on it for a fairly long period of time, and our Firefighter Assist & Search Team took in a possible structural fire in the Yorktown Heights Fire District, which we were canceled enroute from.

Chief Munson, Assistant Chiefs Karpoff and Colombo welcomed our many guests from neighboring Fire Departments, the Village of Croton and from the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services. The Chief also recognized the individual achievements of all of our department's members for everything they do all year long for this department.

Members whom achieved benchmarks in service to the department were recognized, as were the department's "Top Responders" for 2022. Standing ovations were given to two veteran members - newly annointed 20 Year Life Member Jimmy Powers from Harmon Engine Company No. 3 and to our senior-most member, John Gilgio, whom is in his 79th year of service with Washington Engine Company No. 2.

The department thanks Crafty 'Cue BBQ for another out-of-the-park meal and all of our members that helped coordinate this year's Inspection.

Last, but not least, congratulations to this year's winning apparatus - Engine 119.

Years of Service Award Recipients

5 Years of Service James Tipa, Kim Russell, Ben Farber (6), Andrew Grant (6)
10 Years of Service Luke Van Asselt, Carlton Sargeant (11)
15 Years of Service Linda Hannan
20 Years of Service Jimmy Powers
25 Years of Service Matt Mansfield, Dan Vlad (26)
30 Years of Service Eric Johnson, Chris Sarcone (31), Rocco Cusano (31), John Van Asselt (31)
35 Years of Service Frank Pusatere (37), Art Roosa Jr. (37)
40 Years of Service Bill Gallagher, Bill Vlad (41), Pete Anfiteatro (42)
50 Years of Service Rich Capellazzi, Frank Streany (51), Marty Fiorito (51), Joe Streany (54)
55 Years of Service Tex Dinkler, Augie Conti (56), Bob Anderson (57), Bruno Pesavento Sr. (58), Pat Calcutti (59)
60 Years of Service Harold Lockwood, Richard Sarcone Sr. (63)
70 Year Members Tony Gagliotti (73)
75 Year Members John Manco (76), John Gilgio & Joe Fiorito (79)

Top Responders for 2022

Total Calls in 2022: 431

#10 John "Neidermeyer" Nohai (E119), 95 Calls
#9 Senator Bjorge (R18), 96 Calls
#8 Tex Dinkler (E118), 112 Calls
#7 Matt Mallory (E119), 116 Calls
#6 Johnny Gilbert (E118), 126 Calls
#5 Jake Dominello (E119), 128 Calls
#4 Phil Dinkler (E118) & Frank Pusatere (E119), 134 Calls
#3 Joe Streany (E119), 170 Calls
#2 Jim Ferguson (E119), 175 Calls
#1 Bill Gallagher (E119), 176 Calls

Thank you to J. Delaney, J. Nohai and J. Powers for the photos.