Members Complete "Man vs. Machine" Class
By CFD Training Division
January 16, 2022

Twenty of our volunteers gave up their Sunday taking an all-day class from PL Vulcan Training Concepts on how to rescue persons entrapped in machinery and in other precarious situations.

Beginning with a classroom session and followed by several different hands-on scenarios, our members in attendance learned how to safely remove people and body parts from unusual situations. Covered in this class was;

- Removal of a hand from a meat grinder / auger
- Removal of a person from underneath a car or other heavy equipment
- Removal of a ring from a finger....or another body part....
- Removal of a person impaled on something

While situations like these are not often - each of these scenarios in one way, shape or form has presented itself to our membership over the years. As such, we felt this was both very important and extremely beneficial training for our membership.

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