FASTeam to Mohegan, Then Peekskill, In Two Days
By FASTeam Reporter
January 29, 2021

Around 4:30 PM on Thursday 1/28/2021, our FASTeam was sent to the Working Structure Fire in the Lake Mohegan Fire District in southern Cortlandt. Units arrived to fire showing from a single-story condo unit, bringing our FASTeam to the scene as part of the Working Fire (10-75) assignment. Car 2081 & Engine 119 handled the request with eight members prior to being release about an hour later.

On Friday, January 29th at 1:30 PM, the City of Peekskill FD was summoned to Poplar Circle in the Society Hill II Condo Complex for a Dryer Fire. Crews found an active fire spreading beyond the dryer and struck the "10-75." Due to the Lake Mohegan FD responding to their own reported fire, the Croton FASTeam was dispatched as a cover unit. Answering this request were 2082, E119 & U208 with eight members, whom were released after assisting the PFD packing up their hose about 35 minutes later.

Units: 2081, 2082, Engine 119, Utility 208
Mutual Aid: Mohegan FD, Peekskill FD