Quick Work Made of Porch Fire
By CFD Reporting Team
February 24, 2020

At 7:05 PM Monday, February 24th, Croton’s Bravest - as well as a FASTeam from Ossining Fire Department & Tankers from Millwood Fire and Yorktown Heights Volunteer FD - were dispatched to a reported porch fire on Colabaugh Pond Road in the Mount Airy Fire Protection District in Cortlandt.

Car 2082 (A/C Munson) reported “fire showing from Route 129,” and arrived moments later with a “single family dwelling with fire showing from the porch, go with the 10-75 (Working Fire Assignment).” Using the pressurized water extinguisher in his car, he kept the fire in check until apparatus arrived shortly behind him.

TL44 was first to arrive, but due to the tight driveway and size of the rig it was parked on the street, and the crew walked up with an additional extinguisher and hooks. E118, E119 & T10 arrived next and stretched a 300’ line to knock down the blaze as well as another 300’ of hose as a backup line. T10 nursed E118 while crews from these four units made quick work of the fire. Our E120 went to a pond on Route 129 to set up a fill site for Tankers while R18 & U14 provided personnel and equipment on scene. An Engine from the Montrose VA secured a hydrant about a mile away on Colabaugh Pond Road as another fill site option. Due to our quick & coordinated response, we had the fire under control in minutes and called of much off the Mutual Aid resources. Cars 2081 & 2083 (Chief Dinkler & Asst. Chief Karpoff) were also on scene.

Providing additional units on the scene were:
Ossining FD FASTeam
Millwood FD Tanker 15
Yorktown FD FASTeam w/R16 & Tanker 14
Buchanan FD Cascade Unit
Montrose VA Engine
Croton EMS
Battalion 10
Cause & Origin Zone 4

Additional units cancelled enroute were:
Bedford Hills Tanker 5
Continental Village T11
Ossining EMS

Covering us at Harmon Firehouse were:
Briarcliff Manor FD Engine 94
Ossining FD Tower Ladder 42
Pocantico Hills FD Tanker 12

Our thanks to our Mutual Aid partners for always backing us up.

Over 50 members of the COHFD were on scene.

Units: 2081, 2082, 2083, E118, E119, E120, TL44, R18, T10, U14
Mutual Aid: Ossining FD, Buchanan FD, Montrose VA FD, Yorktown FD, Millwood FD, Bedford Hills FD, Continental Village FD, Croton EMS, Ossining EMS, Battalion 10, C&O Zone 4