2nd Montrose Structure Fire in a Week
By CFD Fire News Reporter
September 18, 2018

A week after responding north to Montrose for a residential structure fire, the CFD was sent just over the district line once again for a fire on Albany Post Road in the offices of a local home improvement business. Answering the call were Car 2082, Engine 119 and the FASTeam with 8 members.

On arrival, E119 took up a position behind the 2nd Due Engine (E225), and the crew made contact with the IC (Chief Gilbert 2271), who reported an electrical fire in the basement with extension in the walls of the first floor. The team confirmed the location of the interior stairwell and how many members were operating inside and monitored radio traffic.

The IC requested the assistance of some CFD members opening up and exterior wall to get to hidden pockets of fire. Using one of E119's K12 Saw, as well as hand tools, members went to work and gained access to the hidden flames, which were found in between the first floor and basement ceiling space as well as the wall. With all interior fire attack efforts completed, the FASTeam members were reassigned to help with overhaul and ventilation. The on-board generator and electrical cord reel from E119 was used to power a vent fan until all smoke and the elevated CO levels were mitigated.

CFD units cleared the scene about two hours after dispatch. Thanks to a well-coordinated effort by the first arriving Montrose and Montrose VA Companies, the fire was kept in check before causing even more damage. No injuries were reported.

Thanks to D. Kempter & J. Gilbert for the photos.

Units: 2082, E119, FASTeam
Mutual Aid: Montrose 2271, 2272, E122, E121 / Montrose VA E225 / Buchanan 2551, U12 / Verplanck 2491, 2492, E128 / Battalion 10 / Cortlandt EMS