Saturday Training Day: Vehicle Stabilization
By CFD Training Division
April 28, 2018

This past Saturday, the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department played host to the instructors of "Take the Door Training," spending the day reviewing various ways to stabilize overturned vehicles.

Using the rather vast array of specialty equipment carried on our Rescue 18, members were split into two squads. The groups split the day taking turns using our older Res-Q-Jack stabilization equipment and our newer Paratech struts. We reviewed how to safely secure a vehicle resting on it's side, another resting on it's roof and how to lift a vehicle on it's wheels using these tools.

Additional equipment utilized from Rescue 18 included it's portable electric winch, various straps, chains and cribbing materials.

In addition to extending our appreciation to the instructors that gave us this invaluable training, we'd also like to thank those awesome "Crotonites" that donated their old cars to us to use for this class. Without your contributions, training like this is impossible to achieve, so THANK YOU!!!

Units: 2081, 2082, E119, R18, U14
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