A New Year Brings New Officers to the CFD
By CFD News Team
January 2, 2018

On Tuesday evening - in front of over 60 members and guests - the new and returning Officers of the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department for 2018 were sworn in to their roles.

Mayor Brian Pugh issued each of our new Firematic Officers their oaths, many of which were taking on new leadership roles in our nearly 126 year old department. Joining him in the audience and lending their support were Village of Croton Manager Janine King, and long-time friend of the Department Trustee/Deputy Mayor Ann Gallelli.

Leading the pack of new Officers is Chris Colombo, who took on the oath of Chief, succeeding outgoing Chief Matthew T. Mansfield, who selflessly led our department for the past two years in this role. Chief Colombo is a long-time member of the CFD, serving the past four years as an Assistant Chief. Colombo's Grandfather, the late William E. King, Sr., was also a Chief, serving in 1961 and 1962. Chief Colombo is a Life Member of Washington Engine Company No. 2, where his son, Chris Colombo, Jr., is one of it's newest Firefighters.

Following the new Chief in their ascent up the executive ladder is our new First Assistant Chief, Chris Pesavento. As tradition goes, he moves up from 2nd Assistant Chief to his new role as second in command. Pesavento's Father, Bruno Pesavento, Sr., also served as a Chief Officer of the CFD from 1976-1978. Both Pesavento's are senior members of Columbian Hook & Ladder Company No. 1.

Rounding out our three-tiered Executive Branch is our new Second Assistant Chief, John Munson. Munson is making his second climb up the department's ladder, having served as Chief of Department in 2012 and 2013. Munson's father, Gerald Munson, was also a two-time Chief, leading the department from 1986-1988 and again in 1998-2000, and while that in itself is impressive, what's also worth mentioning is that the late Elwood C. Munson, Sr. - Gerald's father and John's grandfather - was the first member of the department to be it's Chief twice, having held that title in 1954-1955 and again in 1959-1960. Both John and Gerry are Life Members of Washington Engine Company No. 2, and serve there with several other cousins/relatives, including Chief of Department Colombo, Captain Jim Feguson, 2nd Lieutenant Chris Rinaldi and Deputy Chief Stephen Dominello as well as Firefighters Dave Rinaldi (a Past Captain), Alyssa Rinaldi, Jake Dominello and Chris Colombo Jr.

This department is now on it's way to celebrating our 126th year of proud, dedicated service, and those that have chosen to be our Officers will undoubtedly steer us in the right direction. We thank all of them for their committed service to our department, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of us in the CFD.

Lastly, we would like to thank not only Chief Mansfield, but all of our outgoing Officers, for their guidance in 2017. It truly takes a special kind of person to join this organization, but it really is an impressive feat for someone to step up and be an Officer in it.

Here is a full listing of our 2018 Firematic Officers:

Chief of Department: Chris Colombo (2081)
1st Assistant Chief: Chris Pesavento (2082)
2nd Assistant Chief: John Munson (2083)

Gerry Munson (2084)
Stephen Dominello (2085)
William C. Vlad (2086)
Richard Nagle (2087)
Phil Dinkler (2088)
Thomas "Tex" Dinkler
Arthur T. Roosa, Jr.
Peter Anfiteatro
Frank T. Streany
Joseph P. Streany

Captain: Tom Mosler
1st Lieutenant: Daniel Bennett
2nd Lieutenant: Don Holder
Engineer E118: Phil Dinkler

Captain: Jim Ferguson
1st Lieutenant: Art Roosa III
2nd Lieutenant: Chris Rinaldi
Engineer E119: Joe Kempter
Engineer T10: Bill Gallagher
Engineer U14: Frank Pusatere

Captain: William C. Vlad
1st Lieutenant: Pat Smith
2nd Lieutenant: William H. Vlad
Engineer E120: Pat Calcutti

Captain: John Oles
1st Lieutenant: Carlton Sargeant
Engineer: Rocco Cusano

Captain: Josh Karpoff
1st Lieutenant: John Ghegan
Engineer R18: Babak Ghezelayagh

Captain: Johnny Gilbert
1st Lieutenant: Justin Cusano
2nd Lieutenant: Gordon Ingalls, Jr.

Joseph P. Streany (SO 1)
Frank T. Streany (SO 2)
Rocco Cusano (SO 3)
John Giglio (SO 4)

The 2018 CFD Chief Officers
The 2018 CFD Chief Officers
A Family Affair: DC Dominello, AC Munson, DC Munson, Chief Colombo, Captain Ferguson
A Family Affair: DC Dominello, AC Munson, DC Munson, Chief Colombo, Captain Ferguson
The 2018 Officers from Washington Engine (missing are Lt. C. Rinaldi, Engr. Kempter and Engr. Gallagher).
The 2018 Officers from Washington Engine (missing are Lt. C. Rinaldi, Engr. Kempter and Engr. Gallagher).
Lieutenants taking their oaths.
Lieutenants taking their oaths.
Deputy Chiefs
Deputy Chiefs