Jack-Knifed Truck Causes Major Diesel Spill
By CFD Reporting Team
August 19, 2017

At about 9:15 AM on Saturday, the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department was called to the Shoprite on South Riverside Avenue where a tractor-trailer jackknifed, rupturing the truck's fuel tank. On the initial assignment were Engine 120 and Utility 14 with Car 2085 (Deputy Chief Stephen Dominello).

Units arrived on scene finding a saddle tank full of diesel fuel - some 50 gallons or so - had been punctured and was spilling the fuel all over the parking lot. Command immediately requested additional assistance from both the Montrose VA Fire Department's Haz-Mat Team and the Westchester County Haz-Mat Team. CFD personnel quickly set up a perimeter of absorbent material to stop the spread of the spill.

Personnel found that the spill did not go into a nearby storm drain - likely thanks to the quick actions of our members damming up the spilled fuel before it could enter it. Booms, pads and other absorbent material were used to contain the spill as best as possible by CFD and Haz-Mat personnel.

A cleanup crew requested by the truck company arrived on scene and completed offloading the product and containing the spill at the leak source, and a heavy tow truck removed the vehicle.

Croton FD volunteers remained on scene for just over 3 hours.

Appreciation goes to J. Ferguson, J. Nohai, A. Roosa III and W.H. Vlad for the photos.

Units: 2085, E119, E120, U14
Mutual Aid: VAFD 2574, HM3 / WCHMT 2001, HM1