Engine, Tanker, Utility on Ossining Fire
By CFD Reporter 221
April 15, 2017

On Saturday afternoon, our neighbors to the south - the Ossining Fire Department - was called out to investigate an outside smoke condition in the Crotonville section of their district. After investigating the smoke, the source was found on Cedar Lane near the Cedar Lane Park. The smoke was emanating from a garage on fire with surrounding brush as well. Car 2331 (Chief Manicchio) struck out their Working Fire (10-75) assignment, bringing our FASTeam as well as other resources to the scene. With the fire set back a distance from the road, a Tanker was also requested from Millwood FD.

When Engine 119 called responding as the FASTeam, they notified dispatch that our Tanker 10 was also staffed in quarters if needed. At this point, T10 was dispatched to assist at the scene. When Car 2082 (A/C Colombo) & E119 arrived on scene, Command informed us they were also going to request our Utility 14 to help access the blaze. Between the crews of E119, T10, U14 and Cars 2082 and 2083 the CFD brought 18 members to aid in the effort.

The fire had already consumed a 30 x 30 garage and a car and was rapidly spreading in surrounding brush. Since the mode of operation switched from a structural attack to a brush fire attack, our FASTeam was put to work as an Engine Company. Members advanced over 1,000 feet of hose from the Cedar Lane Park to the fire and helped stop it's advancement. Using chainsaws and hand tools members of the CFD, OFD, MFD, and others made a fire line and stopped the fire from further advancement. T10 supplied water to E119, while U14 shuttled manpower and equipment around as needed.

Multiple Mutual Aid resources from the area were called to the scene and to backfill OFD's headquarters. Other members of the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department remained in our district to respond to any additional incidents. During this fire, members also worked on putting Marine 12 in the Hudson River and get it ready for service.

An interesting day in Ossining, but all of the agencies involved worked together to minimize the damage that could have occurred. CFD units cleared the scene around 3:30 PM.

Units: 2082, 2083, E119, T10, U14
Mutual Aid: Ossining FD / Millwood FD E248, T15 / Briarcliff FD R37 / Buchanan FD U161, U162 / Hawthorne FD U15, U97 / Bedford Hills FD E198, U6, HR1 / Sleepy Hollow FD E86 / Tarrytown FD E80 (Covering)
T10, U14, E119 Working Together.
T10, U14, E119 Working Together.
The "header" as seen on Croton River Bridge from E119.
The "header" as seen on Croton River Bridge from E119.